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It’s a sure sign that summer is coming to a close when you see backpack-wearing school children on nearly every corner waiting for their bus. Boy, those backpacks sure look a lot more useful than those heavy school bags a lot of us used to carry around don’t they?

At Malco, we sure thought so and that’s why we’ve just released our brand new Malco Tool Backpack!

The Ultimate Tool Backpack by Malco is Here

Now you’re able to haul around up to 25 lbs. (11 kg) of your work tools in our state-of-the-art backpack that’s as fashionable as it is utilitarian. You’re able to organize, protect and safely transport your valuable tools of the trade in this 33-pocket, heavy-duty nylon backpack.

Malco Tool Backpack

With padded and zippered exterior storage for cell phone and laptop or tablet plus two bi-fold expandable side pockets, the Malco Tool Backpack comes in a very stylish combination of black and red. With wide, padded shoulder straps plus back pads that help shoulder the load and save the neck and back. It’s as convenient as it is comfortable too, with a single, top-mounted handle that is easy to grasp for moving the backpack around your work area.

Our tool backpack is made with a thick, nylon shell and pockets, with bonded double stitching, so it can easily withstand heavy loads and everyday use. The seamless molded polymer base and padded sides protect tools from elements and drop damage.

With 29 duo-colored interior pockets, plus one flat-opening shell side make it easy to find and access tools, our backpack is a must-have for hand-tool workers of any kind. It has an impact-resistant and water resistant seamless base, so it will sit near you as you work and provide you easy access to anything you carry in it.

Place any custom tool order now and you’ll receive 50% OFF your choice of the new, 33-pocket Malco Tool Backpack or an 18-pocket tool bag. (Ask your local Malco Distributor for full details.)

The brand new Malco Tool Backpack, another innovative way that Malco is making life easier for hand-tool technicians everywhere!

Tool Backpack


USA manufacturing

“We start with the finest raw materials available, very robust processes, built with American craftsmanship with the finest labor available. We do thorough field research where we’re checking with our end users on what the exact needs are in the market place. After we understand those needs, we go to work and find innovative solutions that make the jobs easier for the end user. “ – Eric Peterson, Director of Sales & Marketing, Malco Products, Inc.

USA Manufacturing & American Ingenuity

That might sound like a relatively simple plan, and, in fact it is. It’s executing the details of that plan however, that separate Malco Products, Inc. from the competition. The finest raw materials. Craftsmanship and the finest labor available. Thorough field research to find the exact needs in the market place. All of that leads to innovative solutions.

Yes, it might be a simple plan that Eric talks about above, but it’s executing that plan time and time again to the extreme satisfaction of our customers that has made and kept Malco Products, Inc. a thriving, successful USA manufacturing company for over 65 years.

“The number one feedback that we hear from customers is ‘your tools plain work and outlast the competition’ and that’s a testament to our durability. End users simply can’t have tools break in the field and continue to work. Our tools constantly out-perform and if your job and your time are important to you, Malco products are the way to go.”—Eric Peterson.

Work. Perform. Outlast. Those three words are integral to the success of Malco as a company. We’re constantly looking for ways to innovate and improve upon our existing products to make the end user’s jobs easier, more efficient and safer.

At H&S Heating & Air Conditioning, we’ve been using Malco products for over 27 years. We use over 20 of the Malco Products. It increases productivity and the biggest thing is reliability. We can’t afford to have down time, so we need a quality piece of product that can help us with sheet metal, help us with in floor heat, help us in our day-to-day services.” – Jeremy Salzbrun, CEO, H&S Heating & Air Conditioning, St. Cloud, MN.

Outsourcing to other countries has erupted into a business issue and a national discussion during this election year. At Malco we continue to believe in American ingenuity and USA manufacturing, and we’ve been able to adapt, adjust and continue to roll out successful products by targeting markets and identifying specialized industry niches.

Malco has continued our founder’s tradition of leadership and innovation, and continually addressed the changing industry landscape and responded to emerging market needs for new specializations and more customized products and services.

A simple plan? Perhaps, but it’s certainly a successful one and Malco is going to stick with it.

Malco is proud to announce the arrival of two new tools this June to our ever-growing list of product offerings. We’ve released an Expanded Family of Multi-Track Pliers and also Expanded Adjustable Nylon Ties.

New Tools to Make Life Easier

As always, our new tools are intended to make life easier for workers in HVACR, automotive, fence, deck and rail and roofing, siding and gutter.

Whatever your task may be, pliers are almost always needed and Malco is thrilled with our Made in the U.S.A. Expanded Family of Multi-Track Pliers.

Malco new tools Multi-Track Pliers

These pliers include the MT-12 (12 in.), MT 10 (10 in.), MT-7 (8 in.) and MT-6 (6.5 in.). When choosing pliers, there are multiple reasons to choose Malco:

  • Undercut Tongue and Groove Adjustment will not slip! Jaws are held securely in selected position.
  • PermaLock Fastner eliminates nut and bolt failure.
  • Heat Treated Right-Angle Teeth grip better, last longer.
  • No Pinch Point. Lower jaw and reinforcing rib prevent handles from touching.
  • Long, Vinyl-Cushioned Handles give powerful leverage with a gentle spread for easy one-hand operation.
  • Reinforcing Ribbed Edge minimizes stress breakage.
  • Rugged V-Jaw (MT-10 and MT-12) V-shaped jaw creates more points of contact on pipe and round stock for stronger bite and more control.
  • Straight Jaw (MT-6 and MT-7) Ideal for gripping square or hex fastners plus small diameter pipe, conduit and cable connections.
  • Thin Design, Tempered Steel Halves allow access in confined spaces where pliers and wrenches won’t go.

Malco also introduced the Expanded Adjustable Nylon Ties. These ties have new UV resistant options and jumbo heavy duty straps for indoor or outdoor bundling and securing applications. Made of 100 percent nylon, these one-piece, self-locking ties are easy to install. Just wrap tie around material, slip tail through head, tighten and set with a Malco Tie Tensioning Tool.

Malco new tools Nylon Zip Ties

These UV Resistant 11 and 24 inch ties are outdoor rated use including HVAC Mini-Splits and Window Units, and securing/bundling Automotive, Marine, Industrial Cable, Hose and Wire.

The Jumbo 36 and 48 inch Heavy Duty ties are indoor rated use including securing HVAC Take-Offs, and securing/bundling heavy cables and hoses.

These ties work perfectly with Malco’s non-slip, long-life, Tie Tensioning Tools. The TY4G and Un-Gripped TY4 Manual Cut-Off models with comfortable handle openings and reduced pinch point are rugged tools that also feature unique non-slip, long-life notched gripper to ratchet and set thick and thin ties.

The TY6 model with automatic cut-off can be pre-set to engage blade and cut off tie tail at a desired tension. Designed for continuous use on thick ties, the TY-6 features contoured cushioned handles and a long-life notched gripper.

Stay tuned as Malco will have more new tools coming out soon!

Hello out there and welcome to the summer of 2016! As June presses on, you’ve probably noticed that the temperatures continue to rise, and you’ve probably also noticed an increased amount of whirring air conditioners as you’re out and about in your neighborhood.

The HVAC Kit to Complete Your Toolbox

Summer certainly brings about a huge increase in the use of air conditioners, and with that, a pretty steady increase in people and companies needing air conditioning repairs as well. For all of you HVAC technicians, whether you’re a long-time veteran, or just a beginner, either still in school or in training, a Malco HVAC Kit (HVAC Starter Kit or our HVAC Deluxe Starter Kit) is a fantastic way to equip yourself for all the different tasks that will be required of you.


If some of your HVAC tools have seen better days, or you’ve just never had all the different tools you might need, the Malco HVAC Kit is a great way to set yourself up for a job well done.

The Malco HVAC Starter Kit comes with 16 tools and FREE bags of Zip-in and Bit-Tip Screws kitted in a FREE No. TB1 Soft-Sided Tool Bag 17” x8” x8” (43 x 20 x 20 cm). Included in your Starter Kit comes a Pipe Crimper – 5 Blade, a Snap Lock Punch, Hand Notcher, Hand Seamer, both left and right cut Snips and ten other essential HVAC tools (including FREE 100 packs of the Zip-ins and Bit-Tips mentioned above)!

For an even better deal, you might want to get the Malco Deluxe Starter Kit, which comes with 27 tools, along with the FREE Zip-in and Bit-Tip 100 packs and the Tool Bag. The Deluxe Starter Kit comes with more variety of Snips, Awls, a variety of Hex Drivers and many other assorted HVAC tools. You’d be hard-pressed to come up an HVAC need that wasn’t covered by our Deluxe Starter Kit.

HVAC technicians: stay busy, stay cool, drink lots of water and add a Malco HVAC Kit to your tool arsenal this summer!

Check out our website and use our dealer locator to find where you can buy the Malco HVAC Kit and other Malco tools today.

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