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Malco Andy Snip

Spring took its sweet time arriving around most of the country this year, but now that it’s here, many HVACR, Roofing, Siding and Gutter, and Automotive body technicians have to play a little catch up with all the work coming their way. That’s a great problem to have!

One sure way for any user of hand tools to stay ahead of the game is to have a pair of Malco’s Andy™ Snips in their tool belt. Whether you’re making cuts on metal in HVACR or automotive, or metal or vinyl for roofing, siding and gutter work, Malco’s Andy Snips will make all your jobs run smoother and faster, giving you the high-quality cuts you need quickly and efficiently.

Malco Andy Snip

Malco Andy Snips

Malco’s Andy Snips have a sleek styling, easy blade replacement and larger handles that make them more versatile than most snips on the market. Our streamlined head design improves the user’s maneuverability, which makes for faster cuts and more efficient use of your labor time. Our line of Andy Snips is ideal for making cuts in tight material, shapes such as J-Channel. A full 3-1/4” (82.6 mm) cutting length (on the 14” snips, 3”cutting length on the 12” snips) makes straight shearing with a Malco Andy Snip fast and easy. Snip’s ground blade edge is suitable for mild curve cuts and ideal for fast, straight shearing or cutting multiple layers of sheet metal.

Malco Andy Snips

Malco offers a versatile 12-inch (31 cm) long aluminum handled combination snip with knife-like edge that slices through heavy vinyl siding lockseams and other flexible non-ferrous materials with ease. Also available are 12” and 14” aluminum handled snips with heat treated cutlery grade replaceable steel blades. The Malco Andy Snips also feature snug, rounded handle loops, pressure-fit, non-riveted inset blades. Blade replacement is easily accomplished in the field.

Here’s hoping nicer spring weather has your work plate full—and remember, you’ll work faster and more efficiently with Malco’s Andy Snips in your tool belt. Our tagline is, “Work. Perform. Outlast,” and our line of Andy Snips is a shining example of that!

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Malco TurboShears

At Malco, we’re very proud of our longstanding traditions of quality and innovation. Our tagline is, “Work. Perform. Outlast,” and while that’s true of every single product we make, we’re especially proud of our robust line of TurboShears and how they’ve made work life easier and more efficient for hand tool technicians across the world.

Whatever you’re cutting, Malco probably has a TurboShear product that can attach to your drill for fast cuts. Our line of TurboShears attach simply and quickly to both corded or cordless drills including impact drivers and feature fast-cutting blades that give the look and precision of hand cuts.

Malco TurboShears

Whether you’re a technician working with hand tools in HVACR, Automotive, Roofing, Siding and Gutter, Malco has TurboShear products that will make your job easier. Malco TurboShears are not only user-friendly in both speed and quality, but they are built to last.

Malco TurboShear HD

From our top-selling TurboShearHD, with its long-lasting blades that make fast, smooth trim cuts and tight left circular or square cuts in metal ductwork and metal roofing and building panels– to our line of 360-degree rotating head, now standard on most TurboShear models, which allows users to position and lock the drill so it doesn’t interfere with material for quick, hassle-free cuts every time—our family of TurboShear hand tools has everything you might be looking for.


Malco TurboShear

The original TurboShear is still a solid performer, it started the TurboShear revolution—instantly turning power drills into power shears! Our TurboShear family has only grown since the original though—with additions like the 360 degree rotating head and the double-cut TurboShears that make cuts that used to be painstaking a much simpler task, giving technicians more quality in far less time.


Our TurboShears make the fast and smooth cuts that you’re looking for. Whatever you’re cutting, whether it’s fiber cement, backerboard, asphalt, slate, vinyl, metal etc., Malco has a TurboShear that will make your life easier!

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Impact Grade Quick Change Extension Bits

No matter what you do for work, your job more than likely has some pitfalls. That’s right, we’re saying it: there’s no such thing as a perfect job! For any professional who uses hand tools, we don’t have to tell you that one of the every-day nuisances of the job is impact bit holders that just don’t hold up under every day use.

Sure, it depends on what tools you use and what you’re using them for, but both issues result from wear. A loose fit plus some torque can jam up the bit, and a loose fit will also lead to dropped bits.

At Malco we’re constantly trying to improve the lives of professionals who use hand tools. We have long-standing traditions of quality and innovation and in that tradition we are proud to announce our brand NEW Impact Grade Quick-Change Extension Bits.

Impact Grade Quick Change Extension Bits

Offering a secure fit, these quick-change extension bits have a fast and easy push-in style receiver, with three ball bearing detents and holds any ¼-inch hex shank power groove or insert bit securely. Retract the collar only when removing a bit.

Available in four sizes, these quick-change extension bits have impact grade steel construction that make these durable extensions versatile for use with any impact driver or Malco CONNEXT Handle!

Impact Grade Quick Change Extension Bits

Made to be extremely durable, with one-handed, quick release, these quick-change extension bits are available in 12, 10, 6, and 3 inch lengths. Please remember to never combine extension bits, as doing so can result in damage to the tool or injury to the user.

Impact Grade Quick Change Extension Bits

Like we said, no job is perfect. If you use hand tools you know that bits will jam up from time to time, get stuck in the fastener or the constant frustration of dropped insert bits. Malco is trying to make life easier for hand tool professionals and we’re proud to announce our new Impact Grade Quick-Change Extension Bits.

Work. Perform. Outlast. At Malco that’s just what we do.

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Malco Products in Minnesota

Malco’s HVAC Trade-Pro of the Year Contest

The Hollywood awards season officially comes to a close on Sunday night, March 4, when the Academy Awards will be handed out for the 90th time. While we might not have the same red-carpet coverage as the Oscars, Malco is excited to announce our HVAC Trade-Pro of the Year contest!

Malco Tools Contest Giveaway

As most of you reading this know, Malco Products is proud to be a U.S.A. manufacturer and premier supplier of specialty hand tools and portable equipment for the HVAC industry. The core values of our employee-owned company drive the development of innovative solutions of lasting quality and unequaled performance. Our labor-saving, ergonomic tool designs also address on-the-job productivity by promoting the safety and health of dedicated hands-on trade professionals who use the Malco brand.

We know that our values are not exclusive, but are also demonstrated every day by skilled professionals like you. Malco knows there are plenty of pros out there who serve customers, family and community best by working to build a smarter, safer, long career.

Malco knows that being an HVAC professional isn’t always the most glamorous job in the world, but we also know that HVAC pros are some of the hardest working, determined and honorable people in the entire work force. (And hey, you spend a lot less time in hair and makeup than those movie stars!)

We invite you to nominate yourself, or another technician, for recognition by Malco as our 2018 HVAC Trade-Pro of the Year! Complete an application located in the links below (print or online submissions forms available). You’ll be asked to tell us about your HVAC work experience, how you work both safely and efficiently in the field and how you personally support your community.

Nominations must be submitted by June 30, 2018 and winners will be announced on September 7, 2018. Five winners will receive $1,000 each in Malco Tools! All qualifying entries will receive a Malco hat and a pair of gloves. Malco thanks you in advance for your participation in our HVAC Trade-Pro of the Year contest and wishes you all the best of luck!


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