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Roofing Tools

Roofing Tools

“The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.”—John F. Kennedy.

While anyone who works in roofing is quite aware that the sun is not always shining, Malco has the roofing tools that will at least make the job a little easier and more efficient. So, we’ve outlined a number of must-have roofing tools that you’re sure to use and love.

4 Malco Roofing Tools that Increase Efficiency


THE BEAST Shingle RemoverShingle Remover

Shingle removal is a beast of a job but now, finally, there’s a tool that’s up to the task. THE BEAST Shingle Remover from Malco makes a tough job bearable. THE BEAST cleanly lifts off heavy loads of shingles and pulls nails in one motion. Long handled models are available with either an adjustable head for handling any roof pitch, or a versatile fixed head. Adjustable models also feature fiberglass handles and a choice of 48” (1.22 m) or 58” (1.47 m) tool lengths. All long handle BEASTS feature replaceable 10 gauge (3.40 mm) tempered steel blades with variable length teeth. A comfortable D-grip is also standard.

Short Handled BEASTMalco Shingle Remover

Handle those tight spots with a short handled “Baby” BEAST! For steep pitched roof caps and hard to get at dormers, overhangs, valley flashing and flashing around structures, this compact tool is indispensable. The short handled BEAST also features extra side slots for pulling out nails along walls and from under trim. One piece steel integral handle is covered with a comfortable foam grip.

TurboShear — Asphalt Shingle Shear, PneumaticAsphalt Cutter

Malco also makes roofing easier with our TurboShear. This high-speed model is specialized for cutting all types of asphalt shingles. A standard gas powered job-site compressor with 50-foot (15.24 m) hose set-up is adequate to power this versatile air tool. Make fast, clean, straight trim cuts along a roof valley, or make square cuts and circles in shingles with equal precision and ease to fit around utility outlets. A wide jaw opening with a beveled lead-in tip accommodates multiple shingle layers and lateral blade adjustment capability makes this shear easily maneuverable in any life-rated shingle or thickness. A wide lower blade offers exceptional operator control. Heat-treated carbon steel blades with solid carbide inserts assure long cutting life. Replacement blades are also available and are easily installed at the job site.

Stone Coated Steel Roofing CutterSteel Roofing Cutter

Malco also has you covered when it comes to steel roofing tools as well. Our Stone Coated Steel Roofing Cutter makes fast, safe, precise cuts in stone coated steel shingles, shakes and tile style roofing, including DECRA, METRO and GERARD brands up to 30% easier than with other guillotines.

Compound leverage and generous handle length reduce user cutting force up to 30% versus other guillotine style cutters that pose a challenge to even the most seasoned pros. The shingle, including lock seam, is cut in one easy, steady motion. The shearing action has a “wiping” effect on the shingle’s zinc coating that seals the cut edge to resist rust.

A hardened steel blade and die offer reversible cutting edges for twice the cutting life, prior to sharpening. With the blade lockpin in place, this portable cutter is safe to transport and sets up virtually anywhere on the job site. Designed with two different length leg tubes provides the user with two height options. A large table surface allows sure-handed control and prevents damage to the workpiece. The table’s “feed-thru” design also allows long angle cuts for the roof hips and valleys.

International Roofing ExpoMalco looks forward to seeing you at the 2017 International Roofing Expo March 1-3 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, where we’ll feature a number of our high-quality roofing tools!

March 1-3, 2017 | Las Vegas, NV | Booth 417

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Tool Gift Guide

The 2017 Holiday Malco Tool Gift Guide

Believe it or not, Christmas will be here in just under three weeks! If you’re struggling in playing the role of Santa for someone in your family, don’t worry about it, Malco has you covered! Three of our top sellers would make the perfect tool gift for the handyman in your life.

Malco Nut Driver

  • 4-in-1 Nut Driver

This versatile, compact, multi-socket nut driver is a handy tool for pocket or pouch. It is designed for the trade professional and offers superior performance, ease of use and long service life. Telescoping driver shafts provide two hex sockets at each end of the handle for a total of four hex sizes, 1/4”, 5/16”, 3/8”, and 7/16”. The driver shafts can be extended or retracted to produce three different end to end combinations: 1/4” and 5/16”; 3/8” and 5/16”; and 1/4” and 7/16”. A quick-release, positive lock secures telescoping shafts in position and prevents collapsing when forceful in-line pressure is applied during use. Hardened Chrome Vanadium Steel Sockets offer sure fastener engagement and control. The comfortable 3-lobe handle offers control on the job.

The perfect tool gift for anyone who works in HVAC!

Malco Turboshear HD 360° Rotating Head

  • Heavy Duty Turbo-Shear with 360-Degree Rotating Head

Malco’s 360-degree rotating head and telescoping clamps deliver even more flexibility and productivity. The 360-degree rotating head, now standard on most of our Turbo-Shear models, allows users to position and lock the drill so it doesn’t interfere with material for quick, hassle-free cuts every time! A sleek, lightweight aluminum cast shear head and molded drill clamp allow maximum portability and ease to go wherever the work is.


Malco TurboCrimper IMPACT

  • Turbo Crimper IMPACT

You’ll make any HVACR technician’s holidays a hit with Malco’s Turbo Crimper IMPACT. With extremely durable solid block construction, hardened steel drive shaft and smooth working mechanisms, this innovative Turbo Crimper IMPACT delivers a controlled and effortless performance that stands up to real-world abuse. The handy, compact Turbo Crimper IMPACT requires zero set-up. Just chuck to your impact driver and not only go, but go five times faster than with hand crimpers!


Any of these best-selling tool gifts will make the holidays a hit for the hand-tools workers on your list!

Malco wishes you the happiest of holidays and we look forward to providing you more innovative tools in 2017!

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Malco launched the AdvantEDGE HVAC app back in January at the AHR Show as a free download available on the App Store and Google Play Store. Thousands of HVAC technicians have taken advantage of this great opportunity to stay connected while on the job.

AdvantEDGE App  Malco App

Updates to the AdvantEDGE HVAC App Are Making Life Even Easier for HVAC Technicians

The initial OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) to step forward with direct access to their product information was Rheem and RUUD. Shortly after the launch, Malco began working with Rheem and RUUD to enhance the data available to users by building an API to their database. This Phase 2 development was launched in July, 2016.

Some of the new features that were added to their pages on the app included:

  • Direct product/model number search via product category, product name or model number
  • Sales Fact Sheets
  • Spec Sheets
  • Product Images
  • Tax Credit Forms
  • Product Selection Guides
  • Warranty Search via serial number


The App Store and Google Play Store launched an updated version of the HVAC app, version 1.70 in October, 2016, with a streamlined user experience, improved performance in some OEM partner queries, and iPhone 7 and iOS 10 support. In addition, the registration portion of the HVAC app has been simplified which lets technicians get to the data and information much more quickly.

The AdvantEDGE HVAC app is also continuing to add additional information to OEM pages via web links, including parts catalogues, dealer locators and FAQ pages.

Join thousands of HVAC techs and download the FREE AdvantEDGE HVAC app today – you’ll have another useful tool right at your fingertips!

AdvantEDGE App by Malco

We want all of you who haven’t downloaded it yet to do so, and those of you who have, we thank and want to let you know that we’re constantly making tweaks to the app to make it more user-friendly and efficient. The HVAC app can be downloaded to your phone or tablet, providing quick and easy access to digital manuals, instructional videos and a real-time forum for HVAC techs.

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With the calendar flipping to November, for most of us that means that the weather is going to be changing pretty rapidly over the next few weeks. Unless you live in the sun belt, you’ll be seeing the temperatures drop and winter winds that turn rain to both sleet and snow in a lot of places. This change can bring all sorts of precipitation, with some places getting rain, sleet and snow all in the same day. For a lot of us, that means it’s time to “winterize” our homes, which can include everything from putting the summer chairs away, cleaning off our roofs, and keeping up on gutter maintenance to be sure they’re ready for the coming winter months.

It’s that gutter maintenance we want to talk to you about today. For many of us, it’s something we never think about until a problem arises – and that gutter maintenance turns into gutter repair. Here at Malco, we want to help you avoid those problems by providing you with all the tools you’ll need for efficient and effective gutter maintenance – so you don’t run into any major problems come spring.

Gutter Maintenance

Gutter Maintenance is Key

We’ve outlined seven Malco tools that you need for gutter maintenance or repairs:

Downspout Crimper1. 5-Blade Downspout Crimper

Produces a double crimp that downsizes the corners of aluminum or steel downspout to create a male connection for joining sections. This factory-like crimp ensures that the downspout wall stays square for a tight fitting, leak-proof connection.



Gutter Nail Driver

2. Gutter Nail Driver

For installing up to 8D nails over the edge of a gutter. A non-slip ergonomic grip provides multiple positions for grasping tool and working from above or below roof overhang.



Gutter Outlet Punches3. Gutter Outlet Punches

Lightweight tool quickly cuts a clean downspout drop hole anywhere along the length of an aluminum gutter. An easy ratcheting mechanism and angled punch-blade provide smooth cutting action



Gutter Outlet Saws4. Gutter Outlet Saws

Fine tooth saw for safe, fast, clean cuts in thin walled and half round gutter. Downspout always fits flush with gutter. These saws may be used on the ground or on the roof, following power tool manufacturer’s instructions for drill operation.



Gutter Screw Guide5. Gutter Screw Guide

Easily works over the outside edge of rain gutter to hold and guide ¼-inch hex head screws up to two inches long. An impact grade 6-inch long power drive, with a 4-1/2 inch anodized aluminum sleeve, provides easy reach to the mounting surface of eaves without marring the finish of the outside gutter edge.



Snap Lock Punch6. Snap Lock Punch – Gutter, Adjustable

Ideal for crimping gutter end caps in place. Also creates locking tabs in light sheet metals. Comfortable handle grip contours, a non-slip grip insert, spring handle actuation and a thumb-operated handle latch ensure a natural fit and feel for comfortable one hand operation.



Single Crimper7. Single Crimper 

Light duty tool without grips. The single crimper makes it very easy to make a single crimp for downsizing aluminum downspouts.




Like it or not, the winter months are upon us — with these Malco tools, you’ll be able to quickly manage any needed gutter maintenance or repairs with ease so winter precipitation won’t catch you off guard!

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